1 Floor-space available in Marriott!


Hello! I have a bit of room space available in the King Size room I’ve acquired! Would you like to take it up with an air mattress? We’re a hospitable bunch, the three of us in the room already. We just ask that you follow a few basics:

-No illegal drugs. That one’s obvious.
-No heavy drinkers (Or if you are a heavy drinker, be good enough to hold your liquor; nothing ruins a good night’s sleep like a shower of a roomie’s 40-proof vomit.) And especially no underage drinkers - you ain’t 21 and you come in all liquored up, you’re gonna have a bad time.
-Guests are more than welcome, but no sex. As much as one expects privacy in a hotel room, I certainly can’t guarantee privacy for acts like that.
-Suiters are fine, partial or full. (But this being a King-room, we may not have the best space for it.)
-Can’t speak for my other roomies about this, but noise is generally a non-issue to me, since I sleep with earplugs and a face-mask. You don’t need to worry too much about waking others up when you come back to the room. Provided you don’t step on the floor-sleepers, of course.
-It’s assumed you’ve got good hygiene, naturally.

That all sound all right to you? Then perhaps you’re the roomie we need! Cost is $160 for the weekend, as most of these rooms are. Thank you!


Hey DC, its AJ here. I was wondering if i could just stay Thursday night, how much would that be if its just that night?


Oh, crap, sorry I didn’t see this.

It’d just be $40 for the night.


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