Artist Lounge TLDR; kill it, grow the zoo


For many years artists have been second class citizens of FC. My main complaint has been poorly defined and set up spaces for artists to gather and draw.

  • Poor lighting (The space on the second floor of the convention center before the new con space was built)
  • Too Small (There were 4 tables in that upstairs space, artists end up on the floor)
  • Hidden in a space either far away from the main con space or in a room at the end of a hall or on a floor that was hard to get to (third floor of the marriott, around the bend at the Fairmont)

I think it’s time to kill the “Artist Lounge” especially when it’s a half assed construct. build out the “zoo” as MFF and BLFC has done, a larger space with large round tables this is where artists tend to gather anyways. Put out more tables and chairs so people don’t end up sitting on the floor, do it away from where the convention center has set up food sales. And make it big enough to support both the artists who will gather there and the non-artists who want to hang out.

Stop making artists feel like an after-thought, bring them into the convention space. and stop with the crayons, crayola markers, construction paper and paste, we’re not in kindergarten.

Just my 2 cents of feedback, BLFC also had a creator’s lounge which wasn’t used as everyone set up in the zoo anyways to be closer to the con, no one used the creator’s lounge. I let them know and since they wouldn’t forward the note I’m letting you know too :slight_smile:

If you have a room dedicated to it, use it for something else, more panels or another headless lounge, it’s been a waste for the past many, many years.