Bed @ Marriott on Party Floor just opened up!


Got a room now I need fun no drama furries to fill it up!


I need room space! For me and my friend! Any chance for me?


If you want to contact me on telegram find me @neonpanda


I too would like a room/crash space. I am okay with Floor Space, as I have a cot.


thought id say something here since i never really got a response back on telegram! if that space its still available id love to share with ye!


Do you have telegram?


Contact me on telegram @neonpanda


This room will be on the party floor and will be hosting a room party. If your ok with that then contact me on telegram @neonpanda


Got a room, but thanks lots!


We still have bed space avail for Thurs to Mon or if you want to stay fewer that’s fine too.


We just had a spot open up in our room.


Last minuet cancelation now we have a bed space avail. Party Floor and were hosting a get together Friday night only.


Room still available?


sent a message on telegram, hoping a space is still available. :3