Executive Suite Fri-Mon


I have an Executive Suite booked for Fri to Mon (3 nights). It has enough room to sleep 6 comfortably, but I will limit to 4.

I had originally booked the room for a group of mine coming from East coast. Too many cancelled, so I am faced with finding roomies or someone to take over the room entirely.

For roomies: $100/night for bed space. $50/night floor space. Luxurious accommodations.

Alternatively, if a group would like to take over the room for 1-3 nights starting Friday, I can transfer it to you if you cover the first night. You can decide if you want the other nights.

Jump into Telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/AyJIkhWZOqYEuJbphqlL-Q


Hiya! I’m local but looking for last minute bed space. I would be able to stay for all three nights and am happy to pay $100/night. I’m a pretty quiet and chill fox and don’t plan to host more than a guest or two for short periods between trips down to the con space. But I also don’t mind parties if you planned to host any!

I would likely arrive at the hotel some time around 7pm or later on Friday, and would be leaving for work early Monday morning. Feel free to message me if bed space is still available. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply. Couldn’t get back into this account recently. I can accommodate you if you are still looking for a room spot


Telegram group.



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