Fallout Party! (Jan 15-16, Party Floor!)


Greetings FC attendees!

Lucky the Atomic Fox here, host of the (in)famous Communist Party!

I’m here to make an announcement that leaves me just as pleased as punch: We’re throwing another party at FC 2016!

Given the 1950’s convention theme, and the recently released, massively popular Bethesda title, we’re doing a Fallout (more specifically a Vault-Tec pre war mixer) themed party!

When: Friday & Saturday, January 15th and 16th, 7:30~PM to 12:00~AM

Where: Marriott party floor, Room 417

What: Retro-futuristic decor, authentic ‘Atomic Age’ music, 3 “bomb shot” type cocktails, and BEER and CIDER ON TAP (Yes, draft kegs!), door prizes, souvenirs, 50’s snacks, and a RAFFLE both nights!

Raffle prizes include (but are not limited to): Dogmeat plush! Nuka-Cola bottle caps! Vault 111 messenger bag, and much more!

We hope to see you there, and remember: Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow! Plan now for the atomic holocaust with the leader in apocalypse insurance: Vault-Tec™!