FC2017 Meetups are Live!


FC2017 is once again open for Meetups!

What’s a “Meetup”? Meetups are a lightweight way to find like-minded people at FC. Like a panel, a Meetup has a set exclusive place and time, and will be published on the official con website once approved. Unlike a panel, there isn’t a dedicated room for the panel, nor any expectations of an agenda. You can be as general or specific as you want: “Foxes Meetup”, “Ford Mustang Fans”, “Left-Handed Unicyclists”, anything goes!

Because Meetups have a meeting point in social space instead of a conference room, and are not listed in the physical pocket program, you can set up a meetup up until FC2017 starts, and even during the convention. You can also pick any half-hour slot that is not otherwise taken. Feel free to hang around the meetup point, find a table, go out to eat, or wander San Jose—it’s up to you!

FC also uses the meetups to help coordinate public or semi-public fursuit photoshoots. This allows the scheduled group to skip the queue, once everyone is assembled.

For more details, or to sign up for a meetup or photoshoot slot, go to http://www.furtherconfusion.org/meetups . If you have any questions, please reply on this thread or email programming@furtherconfusion.org. Thanks everyone!



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