Looking For a Room for Saturday only


Planning to only go to the con on Saturday-just looking for a place to sleep on Saturday night. I like to drink, so I might end up in the room late that night. I’m a quiet person and I don’t mind sleeping on the floor.


Do you have a fursuit? Do you know anyone else going?
What type of furry are you :slight_smile:

Add me on FA KibaTakishi and message me, I’ll probably end up grabbing a room for Saturday.


Do u still need this?


I don’t have a suit! I guess I’m a regular furry, but now I’m looking at a sunday room possibly. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner


Is Sunday Possible? I missed out today because I had to take care of some things


Actually if anyone can-reply here ASAP. I’ll be at the con so I’ll try and check this when I can! :smiley:


Seriously if anyone has a room for tonight though, hit me up!


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