Looking For A Room


Hi there! My name’s Sarah (Sarahcat), I’m a young 18-year-old lady who makes fursuits and resides on the east coast (Connecticut, New York for college).

I’m looking for a room at one of the two hotels connected to the convention center, Thursday to Monday. Bed space heavily preferred, non-smoking and preferably quiet (I keep to myself and put all of my things in a corner). Please no drugs or smoking (very allergic), sex is fine I guess but I’d really like to have a room where I can retreat to and relax in. I would be bringing at least one fursuit, possibly more if I get a table of sorts or a spot in the Art Show. Can pay through PayPal.
Unfortunately, due to past experiences with roommates, I would prefer to room with other artists or people who can be backed up for being safe or a genuinely good host/roommate. I have every right to be picky over who I choose to stay with. Sorry!

I’m not totally set on this since it would be my first time on the west coast and my furthest trip from home, I’d have to know I’m getting a reliable room set first.

I’m not sure how the system works on here regarding being notified of comments but if anyone would like to reach out to contact me my FurAffinity is Sarahcat and my Twitter is @SarahcatFursuit.

Thank you!


I have space in the hotel across the street from the convention if you are intrested oh and the room is mostly fursuiters going thogh its friday-sunday


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