Looking to take over a reservation! Wed/Thurs-Mon


Found you can’t make it to the con any more? Picked up other rooming arrangements? Something else that needs you to ditch the room? I will take over your reservation for you!

I (And my friends, as it were) are looking for a room we can utilize from Wednesday or Thursday to Monday. Marriott or Hilton, King or Double, we’re not picky.

Could you be so kind as to help a dude out? Thank you!


Still searching for a reservation, if anybody has one they don’t need anymore! (Or if you’re alone and looking for three reasonable roomies to split costs.) I can be contacted here, on Twitter at ItsTheDC, on FA at dark-chaos, or by e-mail, darkest.chaos@gmail!


Resolved; thank you!


I have one! My sister ended up booking, so I havey name reserving one!