Undertale Meetup?


I should have my Muffet ready in a few days, and there is a couple of Undertale meetups at this weekend’s SacAnime, so I thought maybe we could have one at FC. I am not going for the full con though so I’d kind of need it to be on Saturday. Would anyone else be interested in doing that?


I know I’d definitely be interested.


The two at SacAnime were huge btw!

I don’t even know how to make this official? I assume I’d have to email someone, I’ll try to find out.


I found how to reserve a time. I assume we’d want this to be a Photoshoot. I was thinking 5 pm on Saturday? Its the earliest Saturday timeslot. And it’d probably just be up to me to promote it and make sure people know about it. I’ll make some flyers.


Sounds delightful.

Should we bring anything along? Spaghetti? Hot dogs? Pie? Spiders? Glamburgers?


Well, whatever you want in the photo. :3 You don’t have to have a cosplay and be in the photo btw, this can also be a fanmeet.

So anyways yes its official, 5pm Saturday at the photoshoot area.